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I have moved. Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 15:24

I no longer intend to add further content here and will probably remove most of what's here in the relatively near future. Please feel free to follow along at the domain that used to point here, Pants Full of Unix (where I will be restricting content to the more technical side of what I used to post here; more personal content will simply not be posted online any longer). You might also be interested in /var/log/gr.

Update: Thanks to the so far anonymous party who created pantsfullofunix. You could also add that if you'd like to read here (although I recommend that you comment over on my side—which you can will be able to[1] do using your lj url as an OpenID—if you'd like me to see it).

[1] The OpenID Wordpress plugin I dropped in yesterday doesn't seem to be working properly, neither to authenticate people's identity there nor to provide identity verification elsewhere. I'll fix it eventually; it's not strictly necessary anyway.
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That music chart meme is STILL popular? Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 16:02


I see some people are getting away with screenshots, including of Google apps, and maps, one of which made me realize that my submission to the pool couldn't possibly be expressed as just a picture.

Sum of edits: <lj-embed> supposedly lets you do things like use <iframe>, but that doesn't seem to actually work and I don't care enough to figure it out (though I did care enough to at least try when stepleton suggested it).

Apparently, this music chart thing got popular again because of boyshapedbox (Cf, 1, 2, 3.) I have no idea who he is, beyond a Bay Area "bear", who I presume is in some way associated with jameth. I thought this whole fad had passed long before I stopped posting here even semi-regularly, but I guess not. I definitely remember chuckling through a few pages of this stuff at least a few months ago. Oh well, whatever.

Plus one: Here's the original site. Please to be noting links to the tubes.
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A momentary tidbit of political bullshit. Thu, Jan 03, 2008 at 23:44

So, those who know me personally may also know that I have, since I've been voting, been a registered Libertarian (let's please not even talk about Ron Paul, mkay?), although that'll be changing shortly, given that I now live in the city of Philadelphia and the only way to have a meaningful vote here is to vote in the Democratic primaries.

Against my desire to be happier, and largely because I've been up too late for a couple of nights, I stayed home this evening listening to the radio rather than going out to drink and participate in a pub quiz, which means I've been listening to NPR's (precisely, WHYY, also known as the way I offset taxes on work outside of my day job) coverage of the Iowa caucus results.

In the course of that, speaking in her Appropriate Turn (really, there's an Appropriate Order in which candidates in each party are supposed to speak publicly after the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries, from lowest finisher to highest, within each party), Hillary Clinton said this, as introduction to her spiel (the rest of which runs just like you'd figure, so it's worth tuning out):

"I hope that Democrats... [APPLAUSE]
and like-minded Independents... [EXTRA BONUS APPLAUSE]
and Republicans who have seen the light... [RAUCOUS FUCKING APPLAUSE]"

Emphasis mine.

Yes, because what we, the US citizens, definitely need right now is to elect another enormously divisive president. Good move. Would you like some ketchup with that foot? Maybe some upstate New York wine to swill it down? Maybe some Arkansas "bourbon"? Or are you just going to go ahead and spit it in your monogrammed handkerchief and figure we won't notice? You can probably do the last. Most of us haven't noticed yet, so we're not likely to any time soon.

The bonus points on the idiocy scale for the US when we (and, mark my words, "we" will) elect Hillary Clinton president in November 2008 come because we'll add the next frame to the alternating dynasty quilt of presidents. I don't expect that Jeb Bush will bother to run in 2012, but look for him to be the Republican nominee in 2016. I, for one, can't fucking wait. Depending on Jeb's term count, we should then be looking for either Roger or Chelsea Clinton. I mean, I hope not, but it's frighteningly easy to imagine...

Just for the record (and probably as no shocker), I don't like any of the believable candidates for the 2008 election. I want to like Barack Obama, and, hey, he's doin' okay after tonight's Iowa caucuses, even though there are plenty of planks from the D party's platform on which he's standing that revolt me (cf, Libertarian; again, let's please not get into it)... but the real problem with the man is that he is insufficiently experienced in national politics. I like many of the positions he holds, especially regarding US foreign policy and internal social policy, but he's not spent near long enough in the Machine for me to know whether his convictions will stand up to those machinations. Think Huey Long here. Not that Mr. Obama's any sort of Hick, nor that he's that far from the System, but that story's a parable, perhaps more easily applicable through Robert Penn Warren's abstraction of the same.
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Well, there goes the neighborhood. Wed, Nov 28, 2007 at 19:23

Snooth just hit techcrunch.

I think I hear the hounds being unleashed...
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Go go Gadget PPA! Fri, Nov 16, 2007 at 01:41

The Philadelphia Parking Authority tried to boot mayor-elect Michael Nutter's (say it like you're on Monty Python: "He's a NUT-TAIR!") plain clothes police detail's SUV, parked illegally in Center City.

I say: why'd they stop? I can't park there, why should the PD be allowed to? Was it a police emergency? Was the public in danger in any way? No? So pay for the fucking meter, bitches.

See also, Philebrity.
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Possibly the best Chateau Petrogasm post ever. Thu, Nov 15, 2007 at 02:41

They say (I haven't tasted it, so I don't know):

2006 Abantu, South African Syrah/Cab Blend ($29.99)
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Here's what open source documentation SHOULD look like. Wed, Nov 14, 2007 at 23:29


No, it's not perfect English (Oxford, American, whatever... Standard {Written,White} English), but it makes its point clearly and concisely. Like a blog, it's still conversational (in a way technical documentation "shouldn't" be), but that isn't getting in the way of my understanding the content.

Yes, eAccelerator is easier to describe than the sprawling blob of PHP, but the fact that you're documenting a sprawling blob is no excuse to start writing like you stopped paying attention in English class during fourth grade.

(I note that this maybe sounds like I'm saying, "Speak English!" I don't mean to be. I'd have a harder time processing properly-written Italian or German, and I wouldn't have a prayer in French, Russian, Japanese, and so forth, but I would be completely lost if I were reading Italian or German as poorly written as the English PHP documentation. I have a feeling that someone for whom English was not a first language would be totally stymied by the English PHP documentation. That's simply unacceptable by any sane consumer of the product.)
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But, really, RPM can still service my balls. Wed, Nov 14, 2007 at 01:23

Is this even English?
The first thing you'll probably want to to is get the source to build cleanly without using RPM. To do this, unpack the sources, and change the directory name to $NAME.orig. Then unpack the source again. Use this source to build from.
Wait, what? I mean, I'm even letting the complete Fail at 5th grade grammar go, but I'm supposed to unpack the sources, then change to a directory dependent on a shell variable I haven't set, and then... unpack the sources that are off somewhere else? Again? (So why'd I do it the first time?) I guess, targeting my current working directory?

Really, I'm not asking for proper technical documentation here: I know that you're working from your step-mother's basement, but you could at least try to be clear. This isn't your fucking blog. This is, ostensibly, Official Documentation.

Jesus mother Christ fucking a pogo stick.
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So, about the RPM rant... Wed, Nov 14, 2007 at 00:39

When you people were telling me to go look at the spec files that you'd written for something else (which was helpful, in theory) or that I should really be using XYZ other Linux distribution (which was completely useless, so you can go get fucked again, still), what you really should have said was:

"Hey, dumbass! PHP5 includes a php5.spec file that does all of that shit. It's right there in the distribution source. So quit whining."

Because it is, and I'm using it right now.

I don't expect Apache (Solr) Lucene to cough up their own spec file (but find . -name \*.spec is officially part of my SOP now), but I also don't anticipate that it'll scatter binaries and, worse, shared objects hither and yon to the extent that PHP does. Which, you know, is probably wishful thinking, but don't burst my bubble just yet please.
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Realization of the Evening: Tue, Nov 13, 2007 at 23:39

Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)'s Spaces is conscious of multiple monitors. To the extent that if you hit its "preview all desktops" button with more than one monitor, it shows you the content of all of those monitors for all desktops.

Until I noticed this, I figured Apple was just playing catchup to Microsoft's deskman.exe XP powertoy (possibly by incorporating their user community's product, see below), but clearly this is a leapfrog, if an obvious one.

Before 10.5 I was using Virtue for this. It remains more extensible than Spaces, but it doesn't actually do anything extra I need, and it absolutely doesn't let me see everything on all desktops at the same time, so it's kicked to the curb.
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